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trauma release LondonEmotional detox and body de-armouring
We all know why and how to detox our bodies of physical toxins.

Detoxifying ourselves of emotions is one of the kindest things that we can do for our selves, and it really does lift our vibrations.

When we are born, we are born in pleasure and bliss. This is our natural state, and is the absence of fear. On exiting the womb and having the umbilical cord cut we have already collected considerable trauma that imprints on to our body. It tells us what we need to be fearful of and protect ourselves from.

As fear or trauma happens to us, our bodies move from bliss into emotion, into pain and then, into numbness (non-feeling). Our bodies store all of our pain and emotion in the same way that a cell phone stores phone numbers.

An emotional detox and body de-armouring session is about reversing this process. Taking your cellular memory back to a place of love and joy and vibrating on this level.

When the body is unable to release trauma the mind holds us victim, creates addictions, unhealthy behaviours and physical illnesses. Our emotions can become chaotic and depressive. Unfortunately, like attracts like, and unless we release the traumas that we pick up, we will just attract more.

Prevention is always better than cure, but if emotional problems do manifest as physical or mental problems, then conventional medicine, alternative medicine, and talking therapies are only part of the answer. You still need to get the trauma out of your body.

A trauma is any distressing experience. This could be physical from a car accident or emotional. Emotional trauma’s can be big, like the death of a loved one, but small trauma’s can really effect us too. Emotions are not entirely logical so if you think about it and it hurts, its a trauma and there is no shame in that.

In a session I help you access this trauma or pain by using a range of massage techniques and pressure points mixed with energy work and other tools to help you access and release your old emotional pain and stuckness.

I have had clients relive and release, surgery, cesarean births, the physical pain of loosing their virginity, and sexual abuse. Trauma’s they had dealt with and forgiven on a mental level and traumas that they did not even consider to be traumas until they released them and understood how they where effecting them.

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